Velocitek SpeedPuck

Hey BlueRay, 

Love it, the speed puck

Its been under water more times that I care to admit too

Still working out how best to use it now, lifts/knocks etc, mainly getting more consistent in fluky breezes

It seems to be sparking interest as well

Regards Peter


August 2011

Hi Ritchie

 After 7 years I have had no problems with it at all.

Whilst I live 300 klms from the boat it gives me piece of mind to know that if the bilges start running or the battery runs flat I will be alerted to that as well as any intrusion on the boat. 

I wasn’t aware of the iPhone App until a couple of months ago, so that makes it even easier to stay in touch with boat.



30 March 2011
Mr. Ritchie Lees
BlueRay Marine
Security Systems
Sydney NSW
To BlueRay Marine


Dear Ritchie
Our 65’ Flybridge cruiser was berthed on a marina and in order to reduce our operating cost we decided
to relocate to a swing mooring. The only issue in relation to this move was of course security. This
requirement was researched in detail and the BlueRay Manta system met with all our requirements.
We self installed the system utilising all the features (GPS tracking, deck sensors, reed sensors and dual
tech sensors. The instruction manual was very comprehensive and when a question arose, BlueRay gave
us the solution over the phone. We were also impressed with your free onsite software upgrade.
The vessel has been located on a mooring for six months now without any false alarms. Brilliant feedback
and peace of mind through the iPhone application. I was passing the boats location the other night and
turned on the lights via the phone which enabled a quick visual inspection!
We walk test the alarm regularly and it works as accurately today as it did the day it was installed.

Should further information be required please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Faithfully

Andi Morgan
Director, Corporate Charters.

Cruising in Comfort.

11 Kennedy Street Gladesville Sydney NSW 2111
Phone: (02) 9817 6000 Fax: (02) 9879 3990
Email: andrew.morgan@optusnet.com.au



January 2011

‘ This system has provided a great peace of mind knowing that any intruder or situations onboard such as high water in the bilge shall be alerted to the right people via SMS almost instantly. I can now track the usage of the vessel by receiving the arm and disarm notification when our captain arrives and departs each day. The system was simple to install and when we had some small queries the support from BlueRay was swift and concise.’ Stephen Crone – Marine Operations Manager.

www.acronautic.com                  www.darielboats.com

Vessel information:

            2010 Dariel 13m dtender

            Custom design by Acronautic

            2 x 350hp Mercury Verado Racing outboards

            50kn + performance


October 2010

My EB201 Manta was purchased and installed on my boat in 2006, before any theft  occurred. Originally had one PIR, one Cockpit Floor Stress Sensor and one Companion-Way Sensor,  later I added a Lazarette Sensor. We experienced attempted theft of Helm-mounted Raymarine E80 MFD in 2008, the Alarm went off and would-be thieves departed, no resulting damage. Not long after,in the Winter of 2009 on a rainy cold night/morning, unfortunately this time, theft of Targa-mounted Radome Scanner occurred, after the vessel was first removed from its mooring and then left adrift near the very quiet Sydney's Middle Harbour's Bantry Bay. (Insurance claim amounted to almost $20,000) mainly because of vessel grounding/scraping on rocks, requiring Hull Re-Paint and repair of Rudder damage, etc. The Radar Scanner replacement cost was only around $4,500 but with Slipping, Hard Stand and Insurance Assessor visits etc. costs, the total soon became around $20K. After this,  I installed a second Stress Sensor in Aft Deck, just below the Targa, as well as the GPS Option. The Aft Stress Sensor, when triggered, also switches on the Deck Light and a light fitted to the Targa, lights-up the Aft Deck. No theft since, but did have another would-be thief early in the night, during July School Holidays, who triggered the Alarm! Teenagers perhaps? Keeping fingers crossed.

I keep my mobile switched-on all the time and place it on my bedside table at night! Could not sleep easily without the BluRay Manta! 

Cheers. Keith.

March 2010

Dear BlueRay, I felt I had to write to express appreciation for the effectiveness of the alarm system.

In 2007 we had a massive robbery with the boat being stripped of some $30,000 worth of gear and electronics besides a lot of damage as things were ripped out. We then installed a BlueRay alarm system (wise after the event) and this has proven to be very effective.  On one occasion it warned the house battery was getting low after we had left the deck wash pump on but closed the inlet cock causing it to start and run continuously.  Recently we had an early morning alarm when the system was triggered by deck footfall before entry was gained.  The villains had obviously been frightened off by the load noise and deck lights which turn on when triggered and they were limited to pinch what they could grab in 30 seconds.  We recently (end 09) upgraded by adding a GPS module as boats are now being moved off moorings to secluded places to be stripped and wish we had done all this some years ago, would have been cheaper and given peace of mind.

Bruce Meldrum, S/V Justine II


Jan 2010

 Hi Ritchie.....

I self-installed the BlueRay  Sting on my vessel and I am very satisfied with the ease of installation and the simplicity of operation.  I can remotely arm and disarm the system and interrogate it for system status at any time . These features give me great confidence in the boat’s security and peace of mind.  The Sting is very cost effective.

Peter F, Sydney

March 2007

Dear BlueRay,

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with our Blue Ray Marine Security Alarm we had fitted to our boat 11 months ago.

Unfortunately we had our boat broken into twice prior to fitting the BlueRay Alarm. First in May 2005 and then just over six months later in December 2005. After the second robbery we were determined that when the boat was repaired and items replaced we would fit an alarm to the boat.

About 4 weeks ago the boat texted our phones at 2am with Sensor Alarm 2 activated. We immediately rang the police who came to us and upon going out to our boat reported we had had an attempted break in with the back cover of the boat open. With the alarm doing its job we probably saved the insurance company and ourselves up to $15,000 and a lot of personal heartbreak. The money we paid for the alarm system was well worth it.

We would recommend everyone with boats with expensive equipment on board to invest in a Blue Ray Marine Security System. If enough people installed alarms we may decrease the continuing boat equipment thefts in Pittwater.

Yours truly,

Gareth & Maryanne

I recently installed a BlueRay alarm in my boat in Sydney, Australia. It is a 42' flybridge cruiser in commercial survey.

The alarm monitors all areas of the vessel including the lasserette and flybridge. It monitors batteries and bilge alarms and allows me to switch on the fridges by phone.

We are exceptionally happy both with the system and with Tim's service.

Service and civility such as we have received from BlueRay are all too rare these days and we could not recommend them highly enough.

Ken Burke
Managing Director
Coral Reef Charters PTY Limited.
Sydney Australia

As a boat owner, peace of mind is extremely important to me. Since purchasing the Blue Ray Marine Security System I can now be certain that the boat is safe on her mooring whilst I am away traveling. If needed, I am able to call someone to deal with any minor issues before they became major problems.

The Blue Ray system enables me to check on the status of the boat from anywhere in the world (I am currently doing this from Switzerland!). If a break-in occurs whilst am away I can immediately address any repairs before the weather and seagulls compound the problem.

Being able to remotely activate accessories via the Blue Ray System, enables me to turn on the fridge the night before I sail, providing me with cool drinks the moment I jump on board.

I believe the Blue Ray Marine Security System is an extremely affordable investment for the peace of mind it provides.

Stuart Walker
Pittwater NSW Australia

Thought you all might like to know what happened tonight regarding my BlueRay alarm.

My starboard engine on my new boat continues to give me problems. Last Friday the owner of the boatyard came to pick it up. He called me on his cell phone to make sure I was motoring over to the boat ramp just before he arrived.

About 11:30 pm tonight I received a text message that a hatch had opened on my boat, which is in the yard. I had the boatyard owner’s cell number stored in my phone so I gave him a call. He was not very happy that I bothered him this late and grumbled that he was leaving at 3 am for a trip out of town. He reluctantly agreed to travel the 20 minutes from his home to check things out when I said the alarm was quite precise at reporting events and that thieves might not only be ransacking my boat but all the others in his care and his business office—he later told me he has no insurance for customers’ boats in his care.

He called me about 30 minutes later and said, “That’s some alarm you got there.”

He said that when he arrived he heard noises in the back of his yard and called the police. Moments later the place was surrounded and the hunt was on. He called me later to tell me that nothing was taken from my boat and that one of the thieves had jumped into the river behind his place and that police believed one was hiding in one of the boats. His final comment was “I’m going to have to look into that alarm of yours”.

I figure the BlueRay just saved me $1,000.00 (insurance deductible) and the time lost and aggravation of having all my electronics replaced.

Many thanks to BlueRay,

South Miami, FL 33143

Re: Intruder Incident on Lady Caz on 19th October 2006

This is a short note to thank you for your prompt response in calling me at 12.45 am to alert me of an intruder alarm which had been raised from the BlueRay security system you recently installed on my boat.

As you know I called you from the mooring some short time later when I attended ´Lady Caz´ and the intruders had, indeed, gained access to the boat but made off, the siren presumably making them realise that they had triggered the alarm.

The following morning I went back to the boat in the light of day to ensure that everything was in order and I spoke to the owner of a neighbouring boat who informed me that he had had an intruder the previous evening who had damaged his boat in trying to gain access to the cuddy, so how lucky was I?

Once again thanks to you and BlueRay Marine.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Sutton
Santa Eulalia
Ibiza, Baleares