Product Catalogue

Image Name Description Price
14989772131163890460264042533486184.jpg Manta MTC

BlueRay's new 3G Manta is ready to go.

Monitor, batteries, bilge, security zones, temperture, engine hours

Track using GPS and see the live on Maps.

Control up to three electrical devices on board remotely.

Order now for August delivery.

126800932611153301751559876115712.jpg Hatch/Door Reed Switches

These small sealed reed switches are ideal for detecting thieves opening doors and hatches. supplied with mounting screws, ouble sided tape and resistor. 2 included with Manta & Sting units.

13315421834897283042295217023086.jpg PE Mini Sensor

This Photoelectric Beam can span up to 10m, great for covering open cockpit areas or wide hatches. The miniature sensors can be flush mounted and are hardly noticeable. When the beam is broken the alarm activates.

10191268460646618171035319472249189716.jpg Trespass Sensor Kit

2 trespass sensors, PCB for connection to Blueray, epoxy and wiring diagram. This kit will cover most cockpit areas, each sensor covers apprx. 2m x 1m area. Adjustable sensitivity. The PCB will allow up to 4 sensors to be connected.

1379803856217376299215362043274190.png Canvas Snap Reed Switch

Replace a canvas snap with this reed switch and the alarm will be activated when the canvas snap is opened.

126800834711438323613962424315590.jpg Cockpit/Deck Trespass Detectors

These sensors are glued under the deck/cockpit floor and detect people walking on the boat. Great for sounding the alarm before the thieves damage the boat by breaking in.

Combine this with the BlueRay system automatically turning the deck lights and siren on and the trespasser will leave very quickly. These sensors can also be used inside to boat for covert protection.

Requires a processor board to connect to the Blueray Systems.supplied with epoxy for installation.

10191268460035440733943319521615124357.jpg BlueRay Marine Warning Label

UV protected Mylar label suitable for outdoor use.Back coated with 3M high strength adhesive.Only available with the sale of alarm systems

12684612651091011247872871279711.jpg Small Flashing Strobe

Available in Blue or Red for attracting attention and identifying which boat is generating the alarm.

126846111488545218712272673247333.jpg Screamer Siren

119dB Piezo high pitch screamer siren. 12V dc operation

10191277765718923357845271162228462649.png Combo Siren & Strobe

A combined siren and strobe unit for external mounting 176mm x112mm x45mm Tamper proof